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Mini Caramel Depositor

All stainless steel for easy cleaning. Jacketed. Compact size 20"wide x 13"deep x 13"high. Can deposit over belt or tray. Will deposit over a regular 18" x 26" bakery tray. Can go as small as 3/8" drop up to a 4" drop. Up to 60 strokes per minute. Heated hopper thermostatically controlled. Temperature range 80 degrees to 220 degrees. Holds up to 25 pounds of caramel at one time. There are 8 cavities on the depositor that from center to center are 2". Another slide bar can be purchased with 4 cavities that are 4" centers. Can be used to deposit caramel, chocolate for turtles, non-perils, chocolate drops, mint patties, etc. To see a video of the Caramel Depositor working copy this link: Password: caramel

Caramel Cutter and Sheet Cake Cutter

Manufacture single cutters. Cutting width is 18"(45cm). Basic principle to serve both as a caramel cutter and sheet cake cutter for work up to 1 1/2"(3.2cm) thick. Used for caramels, nougets, peanut chews as well as brownies, sheet cakes or petit fours. Ganged rotating blades smoothly cut through product which is fed on boards. To see a video of the Caramel Cutter copy this link: Password: caramel

Gas Cooker

The Gas Candy Stove is designed for cooking of fudge, caramel, toffee, brittle and more. Two stove sizes are available to seamlessly integrate with a range of kettles, portable electric agitators and electronic thermometers. The #20 stove, the choice of most candymakers, is CSA certified to gas and sanitation standards for USA and Canada and will cook batch sizes up to 45 lb/20 kg, depending on recipe and kettle size. Optional reducing rings also available.

Electric Cooker

Simple to operate and incredibly efficient. The Electrostove is designed for those confectioners who cannot or prefer not to cook with gas. Fudge, caramel, toffee, hard candy . . . virtually any confection can be cooked. Two size stoves are offered; the ElectroStove-20 is the most poplular and uses a 20 inch diameter kettle, with about 7KW of power, while the ElectroStove-24 uses the larger 24 inch diameter kettles and has 12KW of power.

Table Top Cooker

Savage has introduced a Table-Top Cooker, ideal for the just in time production within candy, pastry and even coffee shops. The Table-Top Cooker is an electrically heated stainless steel kettle, capable of cooking up to 25lb / 12kg batches, depending on the recipe. With its unique control of both batch and kettle skin temperature and the ability to quickly stop the cook, you can replicate batch after batch of excellent product.

Portable Agitator

A time and labor saver? boost production with every batch while you go do other work. Models for 20inx11in and 20inx16in kettles. Spring-loaded scrapers; Fixed breaker bar adds to mixing action; Mounts snuggly into kettle handles; Safety switch permits operation only when level; Slot for thermometer to monitor batch; Can be used with Savage Wall Digital thermometer; Standard: 120V / 60 HZ / 1 Phase / 28 RPM motor.


All Savage kettles are SPUN from the highest quality copper or stainless steel to assure uniform thickness and precise hemispherical shape. They are designed for heavy-duty use with stainless steel handles and reinforced handle mounts. Each kettle is balanced for easy lifting and pouring, and direct pickup off stove or FireMixer with Savage LifTILTruks. Convenient roll-around dollies are also available.

Kettle Dolly

A roll-around kettle dolly on casters can make the job easier. Use a dolly to move a kettle from the cooker to the next stage of processing. Or use it as a staging spot for preping a second kettle with ingredients while the first kettle is on the stove. We also have a dolly with convenient Drip-Pan to store the Portable Agitator. The pan will collect any drippings off the agitator scrapers, for easier cleanup. If you need to lift the kettle as well as move it, consider the handy Lifting Dolly. The crank gear-drive will move the kettle up and down to create a comfortable working height. For higher lifts, consider our LifTILTruk kettle lift / bowl lift. One person can safely lift, move and pour hot kettles and mixing bowls. From table top pouring to filling hoppers up to 10 feet high, Savage has a lifting solution.

Cooling & Heating Tables

Stainless Steel Top and Bottom Plate, Stainless Steel Hinged Slab Bars around table top perimeter, Stainless Steel Support Bracing Systems, Stainless Steel Legs and Adjustable Feet; Integral construction design minimizes water usage while also minimizing time for cooling (or heating). Engineered for FAST & EVEN water flow to increase temperature transfer results. Multi-welding of stainless bottom plate to top plate increases temperature transfer efficiency. CUSTOMIZED OPTIONS MEET YOUR SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS; Also Available Table Cutter, Rolling Drum Sizer, Product Leveler, and Holding Rack; Standard Sizes: Made with 10 gauge top plate and leveling foot mounts. Custom sizes available on special quote and extended lead time.

Roller Cutters

Designed for the serious candymaker, the Adjustable Roller Cutter saves time and labor. It gets the right size piece no matter who cuts, eliminating guesswork and minimizing product waste. Near surgical quality stainless steel circular knives have a beveled edge and are hardened for long life. They come in three diameters to accommodate different product heights, 4 inch for up to 1/4 inch thick candy, 6 inch for up to 1 inch thick, and 7 inch for thicker cuts. Spacers are available in three widths (1/8 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch for virtually unlimited patterns. Standard cutters come with a set of one of each three spacers between the knives. The knives and spacers are mounted on a stainless steel shaft with easily held revolving handles. Roll it through your candy like a rolling pin for true cuts each time.

Table Cutters, Sizers and Levelers

Process the length of the cooling table at one time. Designed to span the width of the table and roll on the table slab bars, these tools help the candymaker produce accurate thickness of products and true cutting. DRUM SIZER - Like a rolling pin, the drum will compress and size the candy to the thickness you want. Replaceable end wheels permit the drum to be set-off the table for different thickneses. ADJUSTABLE LEVELER - More like a PLOW, this adjustable height plate permits one tool to be used for different thickness candies. TABLE CUTTER - Using 7 inch diameter knives and a thicker 1-1/4 inch diameter shaft to eliminate flexing, this roller cutter spans across the table and cuts the entire length at one time. For a true cut each time.

LifTILTruks:One-Person Lifting and Pouring

The LifTILTruk is designed to allow one person to safely and easily lift almost any container and pour contents into depositor hoppers or onto tables. Savage manufactures several models for various bowl sizes, pouring heights and frequency of use. If you need to be mobile, choose from our Models B, C, or D series of 12 volt DC hydraulic lift and tilt. You can pour the bowl at any point along the vertical lift. 12 volt DC power system of the LifTILTruk allows it to be totally mobile without a limiting power cord. It moves where you want, when you want. Simply plug into a standard electrical outlet at night to recharge the battery. Model E+ can safely lift and pour up to 1000 lbs! For fixed-in-place applications, consider the LifTILTurn model that lifts the bowl and rotates up to 180 degrees before pouring, or consider the BuggyDump which is used typically used in the meat and bakery industry. Special configurations to increase productivity are also available. An integrated digital scale can be added for on-board weighing in or out of the bowl. The Confectioner model is a compact design for working with hot kettles off the FireMixer and pouring along the length of a cooling table. It even moves through standard doorways. Call for more information and to custom engineer machinery specifically for your kitchen.

Chocolate Tempering

A Savage chocolate tempering tank features all stainless steel construction for decades of trouble free use. With bottom-drive agitators, the tank top has full and easy access. Purchase anything from a tabletop up to a 1250lb/550kg tank to temper your chocolate. To increase through-put, consider a two tank system. Melt in the top or elevated tank, temper and process from the lower tank. You can use gravity to flow chocolate from the melt tank to the tempering tank. Or add a transfer pump for metered flow.

The Over/Under system saves floor space, but both units share the same agitator drive.

The Side by Side system can easily be used as two totally independent processors as both have their own controls and agitator. Also available is a Magazine Block Melter 400 lb per hour melting system, or 800 lb per hour melting system. Add on casters, magazine chocolate block melters, or metered depositing, spraying and transferring for enhanced productivity.

Chocolate Melter

If you only need to melt chocolate or condition it then a Savage Chocolate/W.C. Smith Melter will suite you. It allows for Pump Add-Ons so that you may easily transfer your chocolate once your process is ready. It also allows for overnight conditioning.

Fondant & Icing tanks

Process and store at flowable temperature all kinds of fondant and bakery icings. Move the icing to your depositor or glazer with our transfer pump. These tanks are variations of our basic chocolate systems but include 'water friendly' features for easier cleaning. Icing tanks can have automatic transfer pumps or metered depositing work stations. Just give us your requirement. Ask about special melting magazines to hold and melt full blocks of butter.


Fillmatic allows medium to large bakeries to fill large amounts of pies, typically for the holiday season, with ease. This pump commonly fills pie shells with chocolate cream and pumpkin fillings, (but can also evenly dispense all types of products like sauces for pizzas). The Fillmatic will fill thousands of pies throughout your day. One clear plus of using a Fillmatic is gaining consistency in your product; you can control the volume of each one of your pies that you produce by increasing or decreasing the amount of product that comes out of each stroke. And at the end of the day it will show you the total strokes thus allowing you to calculate how much product you went through. The Fillmatic comes attached to a stainless steel roll able cart. It allows you to easily roll the Fillmatic to any place in your bakery to start filling pies. All you need is an air connection and a 120 V outlet. It is also conveniently compact 2.5inx 2.5in x 3.5in (width x length x height) allowing you to store it easily when not in use.

Transfer Pump

The TRANSFER PUMP is designed to meter and move product from one place to another. The standard model has a control panel integrated into the pump head. OR an optional stand or tank mounted control panel is available. Control product transfer with the built-in timer, OR add a level sensor to monitor the target vessel and automatically turn the pump ON/OFF to keep the vessel filled. If required, the transfer system can be heated with a variable control. The modular components are easily disassembled for cleaning. Single and multi-pump transfer systems are available.

Depositing Pumps

The DEPOSITING PUMP is the choice for precise dispensing of chocolate or other product into moulds, containers, or onto the top of a confection. Includes a variable volume adjustment to control the amount of product deposited with each cycle. A volume gauge is included to permit easy setup for repeated work. Modular design for easy diassembly for cleaning. If required, depositing pump and dispensing head can be heated with variable heat control. Choose from 4 modes of operation - manual cycle with foot pedal, semi-automatic using an integrated cycle timer, fully-automatic with timer or external sensor control (for moving conveyor), and a maintenance mode for partial deposit cycle. Also can be added to savage tank or over-under tempering plants for increased productivity.

W.C. Smith Prebottomer

New W.C. Smith Prebottomer with PLC touch screen controls and power lift for easy clean out.

W.C. Smith Cooling Tunnel

Available in 16"(400mm) and 24"(600mm)sections, from 8ft long to 150ft long. Comes with stringing(decorating) sections and cooling modules come in 8ft sections. It is a zone cooling system designed to meet your specifications. Freon cooled. Tilt-back covers for easy cleaning. Tunnels 16ft and longer come with a pneumatically operated belt tracking system. For video of cooling tunnel copy this link - Password: cooling

Caramel Cutter Blades

W.C. Smith Caramel Cutter Blades - 6" Diameter - Thickness .062 - Bore size 1 3/16" - Min. Order of 5 Blades

W.C. Smith Enrober

NEW W.C. Smith Enrober / Coater • Manufactured of all stainless steel • Comes with variable shaker, blower and detailer assembly • Jacketed chocolate reservoir with internal heat. • Cabinet heaters • Variable wire mesh belt • Built for easy cleaning • User friendly • Controlled by a PLC to control good tempered chocolate. • Comes with a pump system. To see this enrober working copy this link - Password: enrober

Ogden Controls

Ogden Controls can be purchase from the supplier - Instrumatics Incorporated 21100 West Capitol Drive Suite 4 Brookfield, WI 53072 800-242-2494

Melter Heaters - W.C. Smith Older Models

Heaters for W.C. Smith Melters - Older Models Single Kettle Info. (See spec sheet for stack kettle information) 50# W.C. Smith Melter - Heater 600 Watts 100# W.C. Smith Melter - Heater 600 Watt 250# W.C. Smith Melter - Heater 1000 Watt 375# W.C. Smith Melter - Heater QTY 2 - 1000 Watt 500# W.C. Smith Melter - Heater QTY 2 - 1000 Watt 750# W.C. Smith Melter - Heater QTY 3 - 1500 Watt 1000# W.C. Smith Melter - Heater QTY 3 - 2000 Watt These items can be purchase from these dealers. McMaster-Carr Supply Company – Sales and Customer Service (630) 833-0300 (630) 600-3600 Web E-Mail Grainger- Sales and Customer Service 1-800-Grainger Web E-Mail Can be done direct from website.